With the progress of technology and Internet, the use of a receiver or even a transceiver that is located elsewhere is a more and more common habit.

MyRigPeater allows me to use my FT-817  from virtually anywhere, almost* as if I were in front it. It should work with the FT-857 and the FT-897.

I wrote the programs in 2006 both for my own purposes and for programming pleasure. Sending the serial CAT commands over the internet was a relatively simple task. On the contrary, taking the audio signal from one side and sending it to the other side of an internet connection was a more complex job, requiring the conversion of the transmitted and received audio signals into digital form. The programs are sufficiently stable (under Windows XP) and the audio quality is very good.

All tasks are carried out by two small programs, one running on the remote PC to which the FT-817 is wired-up, and the other one on the other PC. For simplicity, the respective programs were named MyRPServer and MyRPClient.

*Only audio modes are usable (SSB/FM/AM, no CW unless it is transmitted as audio signal).

The following picture summarizes the entire setup:

In the next two screenshots you can see the Server and the Client programs.

Screenshot of the Server program, running on the PC connected to the FT-817.

Screenshot of the Client program.

The Client program is entirely controlled by the mouse. First of all, the connection to the remote server must be performed clicking over the “> <” button (and disconnected clicking over the “< >” button). Clicking over the up/down buttons the frequency goes one step up/down, while a click over the frequency allows the user to enter the frequency. VFO, mode, split and repeater functions are selectable by the mouse too.

To interface the FT-817 to the PC, I made a simple isolated audio interface (see Fig. 1, below). The correct audio levels are obtained both using the PC audio controls and the radio controls. A variety of standard RS-232 adapters and USB converters were successfully used, both homemade and bought on Ebay at small cost.

PC to FT-817 Interface

Both programs need not to be installed. The configuration of a .ini file, with the appropriate IP address and serial port values is needed before running the programs. Also, if any PC is connected to the Internet via a router, an appropriate configuration of the NAT and Firewall rules is almost surely necessary to allow the correct packet routing. If you wish the programs please e-mail me.



A kypad for your Yaesu FT-8x7Here is a very useful add-on for your smal Yaesu transceiver: a keypad to type-in the frequency and other operational parameters (split, mode, repeater, etc.). As the keypad simply uses the serial-port socket available on the rear of the radio, no hardware modifications are needed to your rig.

The whole keypad is quite compact.

Both small and full kits are available: you can choose a basic kit (including a high-quality printed-circuit board plus one pre-programmed microcontroller and a crystal oscillator) or a fully built and tested unit.

A complete user-guide, including the schematic, the assembly and wiring diagrams plus the operating instructions can be freely downloaded here.

A fully populated board

For informations about price and shipping costs please contact it9xxs[at]gmail.com


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