cp2102Although the CP2102 serial adapters are both affordable and easily available, there is only one problem: their serial number is fixed at “0001” (at least the ones I bought myself). If you want to use more than one of these devices simultaneously on a Linux PC (eg Raspberry) you will have difficulties to create the udev roles to uniquely distinguish each adapter. Fortunately, the remedy is to re-assign each device a unique serial number. This is feasible using a program provided by the same manufacturer of the chip CP2102 (SiLabs). The package can be downloaded from the addresses at the end of this post. Inside the zipped downloaded file you will find the Windows\CP21xxCustomizationUtility folder which must be decompressed on your hard-disk (the package also includes versions for Linux and Mac users). Run the file CP21xxCustomizationUtility.exe, enter the new serial number into the “Serial” field, then click over “Program Device” to program the device (wait until the process is done and the data are verified). For my own purposes I also modified the Product Description (in this case it was shortened to “CP2102”). Simple and useful tool!




A kypad for your Yaesu FT-8x7Here is a very useful add-on for your smal Yaesu transceiver: a keypad to type-in the frequency and other operational parameters (split, mode, repeater, etc.). As the keypad simply uses the serial-port socket available on the rear of the radio, no hardware modifications are needed to your rig.

The whole keypad is quite compact.

Both small and full kits are available: you can choose a basic kit (including a high-quality printed-circuit board plus one pre-programmed microcontroller and a crystal oscillator) or a fully built and tested unit.

A complete user-guide, including the schematic, the assembly and wiring diagrams plus the operating instructions can be freely downloaded here.

A fully populated board

For informations about price and shipping costs please contact it9xxs[at]gmail.com


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